I do wine- and book-reviews under the name The Buzzed Word on Instagram and on a blog. It pairs natural wines with books, with succinct descriptions of both. I started it as a fun little series marrying my two favorite things and helping expose more people to new styles of wine and help them think about it in new ways, and champion writers I love.

In fall of 2019, The Buzzed Word will be going live with events at McNally Jackson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Domestique in Washington, D.C. See below for dates and books:

September 17, McNally Jackson Williamsburg: The Ten Loves of Nishino by Haromi Kawakami
October 11, Solid State Books, D.C.:
The World Doesn’t Require You by Rion Almicar Scott
October 28, McNally Jackson Williamsburg: What If This Were Enough? with author Heather Havrilesky
November 25, McNally Jackson Williamsburg:
No One Tells You This with author Glynnis MacNicol